Welcome Heroes
Status: Online

These are THE RULES: 1) Players are allowed 4 accounts per IP/family address. This will allow all players to play. If you would like to be considered for an exception, please send in a ticket with an

Autor: Admin 12/30/2019

We are wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!  A special gift will come to all players who log in between now and New Years day!  Send us your Christmas list of 3 items by Dec 31st.  Santa will ch

Autor: Admin 12/23/2019

Today I have added a new service to the website. Please try it let me know how you feel about it. This service will do the following for you: Increase Inventory to 194 and Bank slots to 80.  Remember

Autor: Admin 3/13/2019

This is the link to our discord channel.Come join us an chat . https://discord.gg/2PduByH    To stop confusion and frustration, we ask that you use your GAME NAME on discord. Thanks!!Your Allegia

Autor: Admin 2/28/2019