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1) Take Hyper EXP from Unique Reward Box.

2) Level to 100 ~While Killing mobs pick up Dragon orb, mirage, and Blood Battle Soul *can be picked up over reawakening* ~Dragon Orb: 132 for all classes but Blademaster, 164 for Blademaster (all weapons) ~Blood Battle Soul:30 for all classes/ 60 for Blademaster ( all weapons) ~Mirage Celestone:180 for all classes/ 216 Blademaster ( all weapons)

3) Reawaken 2 times. ~First you need to choice to go Demon or Sage ~Talk to Master of Cycles (Take reawakening) you will go back to ~Dragon orb, Blood Battle Soul and mirage can be collected through out reawakening

4) Take rank 8 quest and gear. ~Click on the gold chest and click on all the ok buttons to receive the items (right click on each item in your bag). ~Beside your mini map you will see an icon pop up click on each one of them and pick your item (neck/belt/rings/flyer/ect) ~Talk to Commander-in chief to get your Rank 8 ring ~Talk to Ti Chien : take all quest to get gear then go the forge

5) Craft your Rank 8 Reforge using the items Kill NPC Drop. ~(Fortifications: Reforge beside use the Blood Battle Souls to recast the gear. ~Go to the Elder and Take refine Equipment :Click on gear you want to refine and right click on the Dragon Orbs in your bag so you don't fail while refining (Refining goes up to level 12)

6) Farm a bit of Supply Token in Nirvana and get rank9R4 or rank9R3 depends on your class (end game gear) ~ The forges are in North Archosaur

7) Getting rest of your gear. Gear: Cape: Supreme Packs Snack Cloth: Supreme Packs Rings: Supreme Packs Tome: 50 Vote points from our website Crown of Madness: Supreme Packs Neck (Cube of Fate): Need 9 which you can make at West/south/north/east Arch or Thousand Stream Teleport master under Trade *upgrade in north forge* Belt: 9 cube of Fate made into an elemental Necklace *upgrade at North Arch Forges*

8) How to level to 105-105-105 There is a few ways you can level: 1. you can kill mobs in Nighscream Island ( Big ship in Dreamweaver) and hyper 2. Phoenix Valley (+95 or +100 runs) 3.Questing *Takes the longest*

Or Watch Video[edit]